Take the time to listen to some of these 4-minute pieces from beginning to end. If you don't like the first one that you pick, then click another one, as each piece is very different and unique. These pieces are free to download and to give to your friends, but please do not use in a film or video without my permission.
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Get Me Outta Here  Beginning with tympanis, an elephant, and shattered glass, the four sections are tied together by a common theme. Lots of fancy piano playing.
Optimism  The main 12-string acoustic guitar riff is in 18/8 (5+5+5+3), with a Trevor Rabin/Yes groove. Includes some nice string glissando samples.
Free At Last  This is the happiest tune you'll find here. I tried to get a Mike Post "Hill Street Blues" kind of feel. Demonstrates my saxophone arrangements.
Wake Up  Very spacy with eerie choir vocal sounds, and Jeff Beck style lead guitar. This one is fun to listen to on headphones. This is my personal favorite.
Up Yours  As the title implies, this is a fun little piece with many vocal sound effects, and a full horn section arrangement.
The Witch From Utah  Begins like Elton John's "Funeral For A Friend" (one of my favorite productions). I attempted to create the same build-up type of development.
Coked-Out Lawyers  I used to play poker with six lawyers, and this song accurately projects the mood in the room with those guys. Influenced by Chick Corea.
Sweet Sorrow  The most mellow piece in this collection. Swirling strings lead up to a rhythmic section at the end.
Slow Climb  A very simple melodic idea. I added a digital delay echo on the bells two seconds behind the beat, which creates some interesting harmonies.
So Little Time  This jazzy piece contains several electric piano, saxophone, and electric guitar solos that took a long time to program. I hope you're impressed.
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